Who Use It?
Dail commute driver
-helps to prevent from accident.
-Video evidencd when
accident occurs.
Full HD DVR CL-1085DV
Teen Driver Monitoring
-Monitor driving routes,speed ,
and driving behavior.
-Encourage safe driving with
camera presence.
Full HD DVR CL-727DV
Taxi Company
-Ensure safety of drive
and passenger.
-Prevent from run-outs
and theft.
Vehicle SD Card DVR CL-MDVR-4GS
Commercial Fleets
-Ensure safety of drivers
and vehicles.
-Helps to reduce collisions and
annual fuel cost.
Full HD DVR CL-073DV
Insurance Company
-Reduce cost and save time
on claim process.
-Evidence in accident
fraud cases.
Full HD DVR CL-722DV
Law Enforcement
-An affordable solution for
capturing criminal driving
behaviors on tape.
-Save money by eliminating
the need for expensive