Our Advantages

Trade Advantages and Services Advantages

A professional R & D team

Trade Advantages

  1. It’s a professional manufacturer, which have 13 years experience in the in-car A/V industry;
  2. A great variety of car audio and video products, which is novel and attractive;
  3. Acceptable OEM;
  4. With the professional training and practice, we have a strong sales team;
  5. A professional R & D team;
  6. We took part in the China Sourcing Fair (AWE) held in Hong Kong every year, which could face-to-face contact with the customers.

Services Advantages

  1. A reasonable price, No MOQ, delivery speed (Generally: within 5 days);
  2. An Professional shipment provider for shipping the product, (such as air transport, shipping, express delivery, etc.);
  3. Quality stability, can to provide certification of products( such as CE, FCC, ISO9001:2000);
  4. An Professional Designer, for free provide the product of high-resolution images, advertising page, or catalog;
  5. We test each products four times, from semi-finished product to pre-packing.
  6. Product Warranty: The goods on appro for six months, and to repair it free for a year, which we will bear the expense.

Services Advantages

Services Advantages A reasonable price, No MOQ, delivery speed, Quality stability, An Professional Designer. readmore...

Technical Support

Technical SupportChelong provide a series of services to meet the requirements of customers. readmore...


FAQsHere we listed some of the Frequently Asked Questions, if you have more, just ask us. readmore...


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