Frequently Asked Questions

Here we listed some of the Frequently Asked Questions, if you have more, just feel free to ask us at any time.

21. Can I visit Minieyes?

Yes, you are welcome to come and meet us here in Shenzhen, China.

22. How can I speak to Minieyes about product questions or other queries?

We will offer you full pre-sales and after-sales support via phone, email, live chat, mail, or face-to-face meetings.

23. Does the camera film in color or black and white?

The helmet camera records in color.

24. Does it record sound too?

The helmet camera has a built-in microphone however this has a limited range.

25. When I play recorded footage on my PC or laptop, I can hear myself and the surrounding with noise... is there a way to lose that noise?

It's not really possible to lose the background noise because the microphone is always active. We think it's important to capture all the action, including the noise!

26. How can I access the recorded video file on the video memo gadget?

First make sure the device is switched off. Your computer will not recognize the video memo if the device is connected to your computer when it is turned on.

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27. No photo, Video and Record?

Please change the definition of photo and video, or change the memory card that have enough space, and check that the memory card has no failure and is installed correctly.

28. No image show on HDTV?

Please confirm that AV line is completely into the AV jack.

29. The photographs and videos are not clear?

Please use the soft cloth clean lens.

30. Can’t start flash?

Battery state low.


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