Frequently Asked Questions

Here we listed some of the Frequently Asked Questions, if you have more, just feel free to ask us at any time.

31. Does this devices support PLAYBACK on its monitor?


32. What is the format of video,and what is the size?

AVI Format, About 0.85mb-0.96mb/min.

33. If resolution can be adjustable or not?

It supports 720 × 480P, 640 × 480P.

34. If it was record automatically when power on?

Yes, it is.

35. Whether cyclic record is supported?

Yes, it is.

36. Whether there is a possibility to set local time and date in the recording?

Yes, you can.

37. Is it has night vision?

Yes, it is.

38. Is it HDMI slot valid or not?

No, it was blocked by factory.

39. Supports SD/MMC card?

Yes, From 1GB up to 32GB, memory card is not included in package.


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